Suzuki Music Instruction in Seattle

Music Lessons

At Suzuki Institute of Seattle, we offer private and group instruction for violin, viola, cello, and piano. Most children start between the ages of 4-7.

Why is Suzuki cool?

Parent involvement: a chance to bond with your child. Ear training: Kids learn by ear (Suzuki is known as the mother tongue method). Social: group classes provide a social environment to reinforce new skills and practice playing as an ensemble.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education – SECE

Embark on a delightful musical journey with your child! Our one-hour weekly family music classes invite babies and toddlers aged 0 to 4 years, along with their parents and/or caregivers, to sing, dance, play instruments, and revel in a magical musical experience.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is the embodiment of unlocking potential through active and reactive engagement in the environment, starting from birth. Rooted in the belief that every child’s potential is boundless, SECE recognizes children as a paramount resource in every country. Suzuki Early Childhood Educators collaborate with parents to cultivate a dynamic learning environment.

Explore Suzuki Music

A fun, playful introduction to music and song for 3-5-year-olds and an adult. An excellent preparation for starting an instrument, students explore violin, viola, cello, and piano, along with singing, movement, rhythm games, and kazoo!

Giving to the Suzuki Institute of Seattle

Suzuki Institute of Seattle is a community of teachers, parents, families and children, all coming together to create a loving, respectful environment that nurtures musical growth, ideas and skill.   As you may or may not be aware, tuition for the upcoming school year does not cover the rising expenses of the school.  In an attempt to bridge that gap we are asking families who are able to help the school continue its great work of educating and enriching our children’s lives through music. We may not be able to save Seattle from the rising cost of living, but we can come together to help our Suzuki community weather through these high costs. Please donate today! Suzuki is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, so your donations are tax deductible.