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    Suzuki Institute During the Holidays: A Concert and Party

    Our kids at Suzuki Institute are doing so much more than taking music lessons. Especially during the holidays! Linda Peterson’s Students Perform for Family and Friends Several students completed Suzuki Book 1 this month. We celebrate by presenting a Book 1 concert for family and friends. The student performs every song in Book 1 and the audience heartily claps and congratulates the student. Food and frivolity follow the concert. This special support lets the student realize their accomplishment and gives them new energy as they move to their next challenge. Congratulations to the Book 1 graduates! Janai Fuller’s Students Have a Holiday Party My Advanced class had their holiday party in…

  • Group Music Lessons

    Group Music Lessons for Kids

    For those of you who are parents out there, when you start thinking of music lessons for your kids, you may imagine a small room with no windows and just the teacher and your child. But, another approach is group music lessons. Kids love doing many activities in a group of other kids. Music is no exception. There are many reasons for this. Playing music with peers and seeing others doing what you are doing increases your own interest in the activity. Your child is learning now from both the teacher and by listening to and watching other children. This increases the places the places your child is getting information.…

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    Music for 3-5 year olds

    Seattle After-School Programs

    Seattle has many quality afterschool programs. Red Tricycle mentions eight organizations with activities that we at Suzuki Institute agree are great options. One organization in this list has music in the program but does not focus on music classes for children. Suzuki Institute of Seattle has music classes for children focused on the Suzuki method and of a wide variety instruments and ages. We have violin, piano, cello, guitar and trumpet for children of all ages, and exploration of music for 3-5 year olds. Children participating in Suzuki come to the institute twice a week for both a private lesson and a group lesson. Most of our teachers teach week…