Individual Lessons

Cello students at the Institute receive one individual lesson per week. At each lesson, the instructor observes and listens to the student playing a piece or a tonalization exercise. This usually includes material the student has previously learned, as well as the piece the student is currently working on. The instructor will also introduce new material. The parent attends each lesson and helps the student work on the material throughout the week of practice at home. The length of the lesson depends on the student’s age, attention span, and level of advancement. Generally, beginners start with a 30-minute lesson and as the student advances, the length of the lessons increases.

Group Lessons

Cello students at the Institute also receive weekly group lessons. The purpose of group lessons is to provide students with motivation, develop their self-confidence, teach them reading skills and music theory, and to have fun! Group lessons are often a student’s favorite music-related activity. The younger or less advanced students benefit from the modeling provided by the older students, and the older students enjoy being leaders. The informal learning situation and practice in front of an “audience” increases the self-confidence of all of the students. Group lessons are also an excellent opportunity for parents to meet each other and share experiences.

The group lesson observation time is 4:30-5:30 on Mondays.

Enrollment Information

The Suzuki Institute of Seattle Cello Department is currently open for enrollment! Please contact the instructors regarding enrollment.

Kevin Leiferman, department head: kevinleifermancello@gmail.com
Michael King: michaelkingcello@gmail.com