Group Music Lessons

Group Music Lessons for Kids

For those of you who are parents out there, when you start thinking of music lessons for your kids, you may imagine a small room with no windows and just the teacher and your child. But, another approach is group music lessons. Kids love doing many activities in a group of other kids. Music is no exception. There are many reasons for this.

Playing music with peers and seeing others doing what you are doing increases your own interest in the activity. Your child is learning now from both the teacher and by listening to and watching other children. This increases the places the places your child is getting information. Not to mention, they are learning how to play together rather than see music as this solo activity. When playing music solo, there is a chance that the child may draw within and get more nervous when playing in public. The comfort of being with other children, gives your child confidence. When playing in a group, the child is not just learning about music, they are also learning about being socially mature, by being encouraged to listen, share and play together.

With Suzuki, kids have weekly private lessons AND group music lessons – the best of both worlds. Go to our home page to see the list of instruments we offer.