Kristina Turner, violin, SECE

Kristina Turner is a registered Suzuki violin and viola teacher as well as a Suzuki mom to a son on viola and piano.  She wishes she had been a Suzuki kid!  Kristina completed the Suzuki Early Childhood Education Prenatal and Early Years, Stages 1-4 at Oregon Suzuki Institute with Danette Shuh, and she plans on continuing with Stage 5 next year.  In addition, Kris has completed the Suzuki Violin Teaching Units for Violin 1-10, Viola 1-9, Violin Practicum, and other supplemental courses with Teacher Trainers Cathryn Lee, Elizabeth Stuen-Walker, Edmund Sprunger, Danette Schuh, Kate Jones, Richard Mooney, and Avi Friedlander. Kris has served on the board of the Suzuki Association of Washington State and as the Viola Vice President of the Suzuki Association of Utah. She participated at the Japan Seattle Suzuki Institute from 2010-2023 and the Oregon Suzuki Institute from 2013-2023 at different times as Teacher Training Participant, Administrator, and Parent!