FALL and SPRING Tuition Rates

A Semester consists of 17 weeks of private lessons and group lessons.
These rates include Group Lessons.

Please note that 20-minute lessons will still be available for our youngest students based on your teacher’s assessment of their needs.

(1 payment)
(4 Payments)
30 minutes $1,105 $276.25
45 minutes $1,530 $382.50
60 minutes $1,802 $450.50

*Individual lesson lengths may be shortened up to 10-minutes based on teacher discretion.

Summer Tuition

There are no group lessons during the summer.

30 minutes $61.00
45 minutes $84.00
60 minutes $98.00

Tuition Assistance

We understand that our tuition rate may pose a financial challenge for your family. Please reach out to suzukiinstitute@suzukiinstitute.org to explore Tuition Assistance options. Rest assured that all inquiries will be handled confidentially.

More Tuition Information

Spring & Fall Semester Tuition is payable by either semester, by half semester or in four equal monthly payments due at the first lesson of each month.

Summer Lesson Tuition is to be paid in full at or before the first lesson and is based on the number of lessons you will receive.

Mid-Semester Enrollment—Tuition for new students entering mid-semester will be calculated at the per lesson rate. Your teacher will work out a payment schedule with you.  You can register at any time.

Annual Registration Fee—Each Spring students that express and intent to return in the fall will be assessed a placeholder fee of $75 for a single child and $100 for more than one child. This fee guarantees a place in the teacher’s studio, does not apply to tuition payments and is non-refundable. New students will be charged a one-time fee upon signing up for lessons.

Payments— Electronic payments are accepted as wells as Checks/Money Orders made payable to Suzuki Institute of Seattle. It is very helpful if you write the student’s full name in the memo portion of the check. Please mail checks to:

Suzuki Institute of Seattle
2400 N. W. 80th St. Suite #136
Seattle, WA 98117

Lesson Make-Up and Illness Policy

Vacations during the regular Suzuki calendar (we follow the Seattle Public Schools calendar) DO NOT qualify for make-up lessons. Extended illness and other extenuating circumstances will be considered for make-up lessons on an individual basis.

Visiting relatives, birthday parties, sports activities, “forgetting,” etc. DO NOT qualify as valid reasons for make-up lessons.

If the teacher cancels lessons, the teacher will schedule appropriate make-up lessons. Please note the following exception:

  • A teacher may cancel one lesson per semester without a make-up.

Teachers are not required to give more than one make-up lesson per semester for lessons canceled by the student.

Make-up lessons MUST BE taken during the current and WILL NOT be carried over into the next semester.

We request that masks be worn in lessons after air travel, cruise ship vacation or attendance of any large indoor gatherings. Be mindful of your teacher’s health and do what you can to protect them from potential exposure.

You must stay home and have a virtual lesson if the student and/or their accompanying parent/guardian is contagious (even if it’s not Covid). If you are unsure you are contagious, contact your primary care doctor and please exercise caution if considering an in-person lesson. Our teachers reserve the right to send a student home or schedule a virtual lesson if they deem it appropriate for health reasons

If you have a specific circumstance and are unsure if you should attend in person or not, please email your teacher.

The safety and health of everyone in the school is of the highest importance, and we appreciate you all working together to create a learning environment that is comfortable for everyone.